Scarab Solutions announces enhanced scouting, tracking and mapping solution to help Kenyan Rose Farms combat the threat of the False Codling Moth (FCM)

  • Kenya Flower Council (KFC) member Scarab Solutions offers unmatched scouting, tracking and mapping methodology to pinpoint and manage False Codling Moth (FCM) proliferation
  • Increased threat of FCM occurrences in Netherlands rose imports triggers potential check increases from Dutch National Plant Protection Organisation (NPPO) and European Union (EU
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January, Kenya – Scarab Solutions, the crop pest and disease mapping experts, today pledged its assistance to combat the proliferation of Thaumatotibia leucotreta or False Codling Moth in Kenyan rose exports. Scarab has announced consultation, knowledge and mapping solutions designed to help Kenyan rose growers address this severe threat and reduce the likelihood of 100 percent import inspections from the Dutch National Plant Protection Organisation and the EU by 2021.

With caterpillar season in full flow, the Kenya Flower Council has called for its members and non-members to share information on FCM. This call follows Dutch NPPO and EU findings that the number of FCM interceptions on Kenyan roses remained over 30+ during 2019. If Kenya cannot bring this figure down, there could be increased checks to either 50 or 100 percent of all imports by 2021.

Scarab Solutions, a member of the KFC, has amassed vital experience from mapping of pheromone traps which confirm the likelihood of FCM being present on farm. This includes digital maps of FCM captured in these traps with a colour-coded display.

As a crop pest and disease mapping specialist company, Scarab Solutions goes beyond just confirming the presence of FCM. It also strongly recommends directly scouting the crop for both the pest itself and its damage symptoms. Direct crop scouting can be carried out at a much higher sampling density in order to provide a quantified insight into the spatial distribution of the pest and the risk zones.

“Time is of the essence to get on top of FCM in Kenyan rose growing, which poses a serious industry threat at this point. But expecting scouts to differentiate damage symptoms from FCM caterpillars from other caterpillars in flower crops is wishful thinking,” explains Dr Lisbeth Riis, founder and CEO, Scarab Solutions (UK). “FCM-specific pheromone traps remain the key to accurate identification, but the number of sampling points is limited due to the cost of pheromone traps. Our advice to the growers is to combine pheromone traps with direct crop scouting for caterpillars, eggs, moths and treat any damage symptoms from these as a potential FCM threat.”

To discuss how to combat FCM in your rose farm, contact the Scarab Solutions team.

About Scarab Solutions

Scarab Solutions is the global leader in crop pest and disease management software for protected crops. Scarab offers a software-based service that keeps your team on top of your crop scouting information with high precision pest and disease maps, charts and tables, and accompanies you in the implementation and follow-up processes.

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