Scarab Makes a Difference in Global IPM


This press release formed the basis of an article in HortiDaily: Smart software and portable device takes pest scouting to the next level

Since 2005, SCARAB Solutions has worked with the flower industry to increase their profits, lower their use of pesticides, and improve product quality, using SCARAB’s state of the art crop scouting system for precision horticulture. SCARAB’s initial market was the flower industry in Kenya, Tanzania, Ecuador and Colombia. Last year SCARAB entered the precision horticulture market in Mexico supporting local IPM strategies in Tomato, Bell Pepper, Cucumber and Eggplant crops. With their technology and strong on-site support, SCARAB has strengthened IPM processes and generated more profit for its customers.

“We want to give our customers the opportunity to be more efficient on their current production surface with reductions in the use of chemical products and greater quality production, taking into account the new environmental and social conditions they face. We are becoming a close partner with our new customers in Mexico, supporting them on the best use of information applied to precision horticulture,” says Luis Trujillo, Business Development Manager of SCARAB Mexico.

“SCARAB works very well for us in Bell Peppers and Eggplants. It has enabled us to improve our detection and contain the pests and diseases. With SCARAB we have been more efficient in the use of pesticides and we are now able to evaluate quickly and precisely and follow-up on our IPM processes.”  Roberto Figueroa E., Grupo Doble RR, Sinaloa, Mexico.

SCARAB will continue its process of changing how the world targets crop pests and diseases.