Scarab We’re changing how the world targets crop pests and diseases . . .

Reduced crop losses

Scarab® Precision’s efficient monitoring, analysis and mapping system presents a clear basis for problem shooting, provides you with confident decision-making and enables early intervention for pest and disease control significantly reducing crop losses.

Reduced cost of pesticides and biological control

Scarab® Precision’s monitoring of the spatial distribution of pests and disease within the greenhouse or field enables effective control with precision spray and targeted release of natural enemies, drastically reducing expenditure on chemicals and biological control agents.

Faster establishment of biological control

The time taken to establish biological control generally takes unnecessarily long time resulting in unnecessary losses. Better spatial targeting of release can significantly reduce this period.

Reduced time between monitoring and control action

Scarab® Precision’s direct electronic data entry and synchronization with server enable fast analysis and reporting. This reduces the time lag between monitoring and control action, resulting in a more accurate match between control action and the actual pest and disease scenario.

Quality scouting management

Scarab® Precision’s monitoring technology is time efficient and has incorporated quality control systems. The system offers accurate monitoring of scouts, where they are and the speed and quality of their work.

Evaluation of interventions

Evaluation of the effectiveness of control measures ensures that lessons are learnt quickly, costly wasted efforts are avoided and irregularities spotted early

Compliance with market requirements

Reduced pesticide use, along with improved detailed record keeping assists you in complying with safety requirements, justification for control actions taken and traceability.

Focus on core business

With Scarab® Precision you are in control of pest and disease monitoring at a glance and can focus on other aspects of your business.

Want to know more about Precision in your crop protection?

“It’s given us control. It’s given us real-time information, so we’ve been able to react and it’s given us historical data, so we’ve been able to learn from the past and apply that to the future… and it’s definitely saved us significant amounts of money.”

Billy Coulson, Owner,
Nini Farm

“With our pests and diseases under control, above all powdery, head botrytis, and downy, we were able to increase our exportable stems by 7.5% in the first year.”

Enrique León, Production Manager
,Naranjo Roses

“The training involved the scouts, and included the supervisors, the sprayers and the farm’s management team.”

Peter Mureithi, Production Manager,
Lamorna Limited

“We, as a team, we feel that everyone is important in this way of scouting.”

Margaret Mwangi, Scout,
Lamorna Limited

“… and it makes my life much easier.”

Ruth Vaughan, Production Manager,
Nini Farm

"An innovative product.
The first of its kind in the World."

Kelvin Karungu, 2005